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Sources of Information:
The Secular Web -- The single best source of on-line information about Freethought and Secular Humanism.
-- Full-text searches on any version of the Bible. Use their own nonsense against them!
Positive Atheism Magazine

Freethought Products:
Evolve Fish -- all the buttons, bumperstickers, books, pins, emblems, shirts, stickers and miscellaneous products you need to seriously annoy your neighborhood fundies.
Reason Works -- Freethought audio tapes and more.

Secular Humor:

Freethought Publications:
Willamette Freethinker (our own newsletter)
Positive Atheism
Freethought Today
The Humanist
Free Inquiry

Famous Freethinkers:
Famous Dead Non-theists

Freethought Quotes:

Individual Documents of Note:
Is The Bible The Word Of God? (Debate)
The Rationalist's Manual
FFRF Nontracts

International Freethought/Humanist Organizations: [Click for the Secular Web's listing.]
British Humanist Association (BHA)

National Secular Society (NSS) - UK

National Freethought/Humanist Organizations: [Click here for the Secular Web's listing.]
Council for Secular Humanism
American Humanist Association
American Atheists
Freedom From Religion Foundation

Local Freethought/Humanist groups: [Click here for the Secular Web's listing.]
Lane County Secular Society (LCSS)
United States Atheists (USA)
Humanists of Greater Portland (HGP)
Oregonians for Rationality (OR)

Humanists of the Rogue Valley (HRV)

Student groups: [Click here for the Secular Web's listing.]

We are sorry to announce that the University of Oregon group, Students for Freedom From Religion (SFFR) , has been disbanded. We wish them the best, and hope UO forms a new group soon!

Personal Freethought Pages:
James A. Haught -- A newspaper editor who has "waged a long crusade for rational, scientific thinking as an antidote for harmful supernaturalism". Many excellent articles here!
Richard Dawkins -- Scientist and heretic; a full collection of his on-line writings can be found here.
Mock Religion -- Laugh at religion with the Rev. Jim Huber, Heretic (and author of " Kissing Hank's Ass ", one of the funniest religious parodies ever written).
Enlightened Despot -- Christopher Kink (yes, that's his real name) has a fun web page...

National Organization for Women (NOW) -- Fighting for women's rights.
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) -- Fighting for EVERYONE'S rights.
Biblical America Resistance Front (BARF) -- Resisting the onset of theocracy. (Great site!)
Americans United (AU) for Separation of Church and State
Americans for Religious Liberty (ARL) -- Another group for Separation of Church and State.
James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) -- Exposing frauds and hoaxers worldwide.
Skeptics Society -- Scientifically evaluating dubious claims.
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal -- Ditto.
National Center for Science Education (NCSE) -- Working to defend the teaching of evolution against sectarian attack.
Children's Healthcare Is A Legal Duty (CHILD) -- Working to end religion-based medical neglect of children.

Freethought Media Links:
THE DOOR: America's pretty much only religious satire magazine
Opinion Column For The Internet Edition Of The Fort Worth Star-telegram

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