Corvallis Secular Society

Who are we?

Corvallis Secular Society is a non-profit tax-exempt educational organization dedicated to promoting Secular Humanism and to serving the intellectual, political, and social needs of its members. Secular Humanism is an ethic and life-stance without traditional, theistic religion, and is free from any belief in the supernatural and paranormal. Secular Humanism is dedicated to the use of free inquiry and the scientific method in acquiring all knowledge and in providing meaning and value for individuals. We take a nontheistic and naturalistic approach to philosophy and social issues.

An essential principle of Secular Humanism is that the individual is more important than any dogma; thus, no one may sacrifice the welfare of another individual in support of his or her dogma. Secular Humanism affirms the dignity and worth of every human being, and defends the right of all people to live their lives as they choose, consistent with the rights of others. Secular Humanism asserts that persons are responsible for the realization of their aspirations, and that they have within themselves the potential for achieving them.

Secular Humanism contends that human beings are a part of nature, that they have developed as a result of evolutionary processes, and that their values -- ethical, political, and social -- have their sources in human experience and culture.

As Secular Humanists, we are committed to the use of reason, compassion, and science to enhance the human condition. We support rationally-based public policies designed to promote sustainable societies via balancing population size and resource use. We believe in the mitigation of human suffering through such means as ready access to birth control and abortion, secular education, environmental protection, agricultural research and humanitarian aid to developing countries, worldwide democracy, human rights, tolerance, the right to privacy, justice for all, voluntary euthanasia, and the promotion of peace and understanding among and within all nations.

As Freethinkers, we reject authority in regard to opinion; we form our views about all matters, including religion, on the basis of reason. We recognize that the United States is a secular, democratic republic; we uphold the separation of government and religion, a founding principle of this country. We believe in freedom of and from religion, and in freedom of conscience.